Bacchus Capital Leading the Way for Carbon Credits in Africa

11/11/2021 - The Assay

Bacchus Capital, a prominent natural resources sector investment bank, has launched a major new initiative in Africa in conjunction with conservationists Space for Giants at the ongoing COP26 summit in Glasgow.

The initiative, named Green 14, aims to protect and restore key heritage landscapes across Africa through the creation of high-integrity carbon credits. Green 14 is a collaboration between leading conservationists and global capital providers which will enable African governments to benefit from the evolving carbon credits market.

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COP26: Pioneering carbon credit initiative announced to restore and protect African ecosystems

5/11/2021 - The Independent

The Green 14 project is a joint venture of investment banking group Bacchus Capital and conservation organisation Space for Giants.

A major new initiative to fund nature preservation in Africa led by a leading natural resources sector investment banker and the international conservation organisation Space for Giants has been launched at COP26, during an event hosted by Kenya’s President Kenyatta.

The Green 14 initiative - named after the carbon family group on the Periodic Table - will coordinate a major conservation initiative across Africa to underwrite the restoration and protection of key heritage landscapes to the highest environmental standards, by creating high integrity carbon credits.

Launched by Bacchus Capital and Space for Giants, it will bring together high quality global capital providers with leading conservation expertise to support visionary African governments as they put in place the policies and frameworks to benefit fully from the developing market in carbon credits.

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COP26: Global 'net zero' demand to transform conservation finance in Africa

5/11/2021 - The Independent

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta unveils carbon credit opportunity that links private capital, public policy, and technical expertise.

Global consumer and citizen demand for companies and countries to go carbon neutral can transform conservation finance in Africa by compensating the continent for storing carbon and tackling climate change, Kenya’s president said at a COP-26 side-event organised by Space for Giants.

President Kenyatta told the high-level event, attended by representatives of the presidents of Gabon, Uganda, and Rwanda, as well as specialist investors and philanthropists, that Africa accounts for 18% of the world’s population but less than 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

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