The Green 14 Initiative

A transformational partnership to establish strategic financing for global heritage landscapes

A Unique Opportunity for Global Conservancy

  • Combatting climate change – through avoided deforestation and degradation, but also by restoring ecosystems and their sequestration capacity resulting in an authentic, verified, reduction in carbon in the atmosphere

  • Preventing future pandemics by combatting the illegal wildlife trade

  • Protecting critical habitats which hold the balance of life in which we all depend, including many endangered species

  • Addressing rural poverty by generating meaningful employment and creating community enterprises

Voluntary Carbon Market

  • Developed with the aim of allocating global finance to activities which reduce greenhouse gas emissions in parallel to Kyoto Protocol

  • One of the key outcomes of Paris Agreement was reaching consensus on limiting global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees

  • Voluntary carbon credits direct private financing to climate-action projects that would otherwise not be achievable; many of which have enormous environmental and community benefits

Green 14

  • A transformational partnership designed to deliver strategic global finance to support Africa's critical carbon sinks and heritage landscapes

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